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Kochs Get Slammed for Donating Money to Education

12:01 PM, May 12, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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“To be honest, there wouldn't be a lot of value there for myself or our students if I didn't have complete freedom to invite who I felt was appropriate,” says Hall.

Woah, talk about compromising academic integrity!

What’s going on here is that the left is doing its best to ascribe nefarious motives to people with whom they disagree with on politics. These grants are nothing more than an attempt to improve education for students at these particular colleges and universities.

The real problem, then, is simply that the Kochs are conservative. Liberal interests can partner with and donate money to universities all they want and know that their interests will be furthered – most universities, of course, are predominantly made up of liberals.

And, by the way, if one is really going to get outraged by a foundation trying to bolster education, should one really direct that towards the foundation itself? Seems like that should be directed toward the universities, who had a choice to accept the foundation’s money. But, then again, what would be the point of that? It wouldn’t even be a story if the nefarious Kochs weren’t involved in the first place!

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