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Mass. Update

2:32 PM, Jan 13, 2010 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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I’m told reliably:

1. Internal Democratic polls have the race close, with a small and fading Coakley (Dem) lead.

Mass. Update

2. One Republican poll, and one poll for an independent group, now actually have Brown (Rep) up by a few points.

3. The Democrats are pouring everything in—one report is that the buy behind this DSCC ad against Brown is close to a million dollars.

The Democratic campaign now consists to a remarkable degree simply of screaming that Brown equals Bush/Republican/right-wing. It could work—or has Brown done a good enough job of introducing himself to Mass. voters that most will shrug this charge off? And are independents more worried about those now in power in D.C.—Obama/Pelosi/Reid—than about the theoretical threat of right-wing Republican governance?

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