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The New York Times' Bizarre Spin on the Nebraska Senate Race

12:24 PM, May 12, 2014 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Second, the claim that there's serious friction between national groups and local activists over Sasse just doesn't match the facts in Nebraska. The letter referred to in the lede was released over a month ago—I encourage you tolook at it yourself—and made little noise locally or nationally when it was released. While I don't doubt the sincerity of those who signed it in support of Osborn or that they can legitimately claim to be Tea Party voters and activists, there's no evidence that these 50 signatures are in anyway broadly indicative of a lack of comity between the grassroots and national Tea Party groups. Since the letter was published, polls show Osborn has slipped to third in the Nebraska GOP primary. The candidate in second place, Sid Dinsdale, is on record as saying he would deemphasize social issues such as abortion and is no one's definition of Tea Party. Further, Sasse has significantly outraised Osborn and Dinsdale in campaign donations from Nebraskans. That's a pretty good indicator of the strength of his grassroots support. 

The bottom line: Nebraska's Senate primary is tomorrow. Sasse is the frontrunner according to all the polls, and the available evidence points to him having solid Tea Party support both locally and among national organizations. There may be other reasons that local Tea Party activists have issues with national Tea Party organizations, but it's bizarre to suggest that endorsing Ben Sasse is one of them. The Times is either being spun or it's out of its depth covering GOP politics, or both.  

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