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No Hard Feelings

8:08 AM, Nov 6, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Chris Christie can afford to be magnanimous, so that is what he is doing.  If there are hard feelings, he seeks to soothe them, though this is not what is known best for doing.  But in a national contest against Hillary Clinton he will need all the troops he can muster and so we read in Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook that, after stomping the opposition into a puddle and then stomping the puddle dry, Christie said:

to CNN's Jake Tapper, who asked if he's a tea-party Republican: "I'll tell you something: I think there are elements of the Tea Party that are Republicans at their best -- you know, limited government, in favor of individual liberty and freedom, tough on government spending, questioning taxes and whether you need to expand or grow them. So, I think the core of the Tea Party movement, as I understand it -- I think is very consistent with good conservative Republicanism."

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