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Meet Key Witness in NYC Human Rights Commission Case Against Jewish Business Owners

4:46 PM, Jan 20, 2014 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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However, it's even more telling who New York's human rights commission is calling to testify about the survey. For the commission's survey, some 600 people were interviewed. Out of those 600 people who were surveyed, the commission has chosen to have a man named Joshua Wiles testify about their survey's findings that the dress code signs are discriminatory. The problem is that Joshua Wiles seems to have preexisting and extremely biased opinions that would strongly color his views about Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community. A public school teacher in nearby Bedford-Stuyvesant, Wiles made headlines in the city when he was arrested while protesting with Occupy Wall Street in 2011.  And in keeping with his left-wing political views, Wiles's Facebook page was littered with items expressing a deep anti-Israel sentiment.

Here's Wiles accusing Israel of "robbing" land from Palestinians:

Here's Wiles accusing Israel of practicing apartheid:

Here's Wiles accusing the Israeli government of murdering innocents and children (be warned: one of the photos below is graphic):

And here's the tweet that Wiles is linking to in that last screen capture of his Facebook page:

It is clear that any opinions Wiles may have about what goes on in Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish neighborhood—which has deep ties to the state of Israel—is colored by Wiles's animosity toward Israel. New York's human rights commission's prosecution of these Jewish business owners is groundless, and it is further shameful and embarrassing that they can't find a witness who isn't irrationally prejudiced to make their case.

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