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Obama Adviser Defends President's Decision to Fundraise Day After Terror Attack

11:14 AM, Sep 30, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Republicans are pointing to this exchange of Obama political adviser David Plouffe on Meet the Press this morning defending the decision to fundraise the day after the terrorist attack in Libya:

NBC’s DAVID GREGORY: “Was it inappropriate for him to go to a fundraiser the day after this attack now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as usual?”

DAVID PLOUFFE: “No. The president obviously is 24/7 engaged in the job of the presidency. He has spent an enormous amount of time in these weeks, by the way, in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. So absolutely not. A president is on call 24/7, and that just comes with the job.”

GREGORY: “24/7, but apparently not during U.N. meetings. As The New York Post highlighted here, the question about whether there was a snub not meeting with the Israeli leader, the president is on The View, ‘Disses U.N. world leaders to gab with the gals of ‘The View.’ That was the headline in The New York Post with their own point of view there. But is this — is he not performing all of the critical roles of the presidency, particularly with the foreign policy crisis? With so many questions about management of the Middle East, when you have a key United Nations gathering, not to meet with world leaders, including Netanyahu at a time of so much concern over Iran?”

PLOUFFE: “This president has been obviously in constant contact throughout these four years with world leaders.” 

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