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Obama Campaign Group Asks NBC's Owner for a Cash Donation

12:16 PM, Jan 28, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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On MSNBC today, two employees of NBC, Chuck Todd and Michael Isikoff, revealed that the Obama campaign group, Organizing for Action, is actively asking NBC's parent company, Comcast, for money:

"The Obama people have now followed the Karl Rove model," said Michael Isikoff. "And they're openly pitching corporate donations. In fact, the opening pitch was sponsored by a group called Business Forward. A lot of big companies--Dow Chemical, Duke Energy--"

"A lot of tech companies, in particular," said host Chuck Todd. 

"Comcast," said Isikoff, who is employed by NBC whose parent company is Comcast, "our part owners, NBC was part of it."

But Isikoff and Todd did not reveal whether Comcast has donated or will donate to the Obama campaign group.

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