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Obama's Primary Opponent Refuses to Support Gay Marriage

5:30 PM, May 9, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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John Wolfe Jr., Barack Obama’s Democratic challenger in the upcoming Arkansas and Texas primaries, said he is for civil unions for gay couples but refused to support gay marriage.

john wolfe

“I think everybody should have equal rights, and I don’t have anything against civil unions,” said Wolfe in an exclusive interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD. But asked if he would join his fellow Democratic presidential candidate in supporting gay marriage, Wolfe said, “I have a hard time with that one.”

Wolfe failed to earn any delegates in Louisiana after receiving 12 percent of the vote in that state’s Democratic primary (though he says he’s contesting the results). The Tennessee lawyer, however, says he is fighting to win at least one delegate in each of Arkansas’s four congressional districts on the state’s May 22 primary. To do that, he will need to win 15 percent of the vote against Obama.

Wolfe is also on the ballot in Texas for the August 29 primary, and he tells TWS he is the only Democratic challenger to Obama still actively campaigning.

Wolfe said he had not seen Obama’s statement on his reversal on gay marriage and called it an “incendiary issue,” adding that he did approve of the repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. He offered a prediction, however, if Obama wins the Democratic nomination. "Right or wrong, what he said today means he won't win any state below the Mason-Dixon line," Wolfe said.

According to his campaign website, Wolfe’s run for president “is a statement against powerful Wall Street interests and corporate abuse of power.”

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