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Obama Refuses to Say Whether Hillary Clinton Is to Blame for Benghazi

11:00 AM, Oct 16, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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President Barack Obama posed for a photo-op this morning in Virginia, where he is getting ready for tonight's presidential debate. He ventured out for a photo-op, and had this very brief exchange with reporters:

At 10:35, a black Suburban rolled by slowly, with a handful of agents trailing behind on foot. The president came next, wearing a dark suit, strolling in the center of the road. Anita Dunn was on his left. David Plouffe on his right.

This pool, standing about 50 feet away, had this exchange:

Reporter: "How are you feeling about tonight?"

Obama, smiling: "I feel fabulous. Look at this beautiful day."

Reporter: "Are you aware Michelle voted for you yesterday?"

Obama, turning to yell back: "Thank goodness!"

Reporter: "Is Hillary to blame for Benghazi?"

Obama: Silence. Kept walking.

Pool was told Obama was heading to a short debate prep session and we're heading back to the hold.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she is responsible for the attack, because "the buck stops with her." Today, when given the opportunity to weigh in, President Obama refused to do so.

UPDATE: Here's video:

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