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Obama: ‘We’ve Gone Through a Tough Four Years’

2:30 AM, Oct 17, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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Obama did, however, shed additional light on his economic philosophy.  After saying that he “fundamentally disagree[s]” with Romney about what spurs economic growth, Obama declared, “I think what grows the economy is when you get that tax credit that we put in place for your kids going to college. I think that grows the economy. I think what grows the economy is when we make sure small businesses are getting a tax credit for hiring veterans who fought for our country. That grows our economy.”  In other words, what really “grows the economy” is tax credits — money funneled through Washington and selectively returned, minus significant overhead, to (some of) the people.

Well, if nothing else, this presumably helps explain why the Obama “recovery” still feels like a recession.  Between that and — far more importantly — the myriad attacks by this administration on Americans’ liberty, we have indeed “gone through a tough four years.”  But if Obama gets reelected, the next four would be even worse.

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