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Obamacare Cover-Up: Did HHS Encourage Violation of SEC Law?

2:18 PM, Nov 3, 2012 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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“[G]iven how late the administration has been in issuing rules for the exchange, it would be extremely difficult to void a key contract, find another company to perform the work and still meet the 2014 deadline — should President Obama win reelection.  Mitt Romney has vowed to repeal the healthcare law if elected.”

Unable to void the contract, HHS instead went to work on setting up a firewall designed to block UnitedHealth Group from gaining access to QSSI’s data, presumably out of a desire to try to keep UnitedHealth Group from gaining an unfair advantage.  Then, likely in concert with the White House — and to the chagrin of many HHS employees — Sebelius and other senior HHS officials decided that word could too easily get out about the firewall project.  If it did, it would alert people to UnitedHealth Group’s having gained a potentially huge competitive advantage — a political concern for the White House on the cusp of the election, especially in light of the crony capitalism charges that have plagued this administration.  Therefore, HHS, under Sebelius’s leadership, suspended work on the firewall and reportedly told UnitedHealth Group not to alert the SEC to the sale — as UnitedHealth Group was legally required to do within four days of the transaction — until after the election.

Multiple reporters are investigating HHS’s actions, which have also drawn the attention of the Senate Finance Committee.  The committee’s ranking Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), has been asking Sebelius for information for the past two weeks, but Sebelius has not complied with his written requests or deadlines.  On the heels of HHS’s Senior Swindle (it’s probably illegal use of $8.3 billion in taxpayer money to try to hide Obamacare’s effects on seniors’ Medicare Advantage plans until after the election) and its continuing (and also probably illegal) use of taxpayer money to run ads that dubiously claim that Obamacare strengthens Medicare, HHS looks to be trying to stonewall reporters and Congress alike.  Quite simply, Sebelius and company look to be trying to run out the clock — until Obama could gain “more flexibility” with a win on Tuesday.

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