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Obamacare: Hollywood Doesn't Like It and Neither Does America

11:14 AM, Jun 28, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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According to a recent Gallup poll, 42 percent of Americans believe that the Affordable Care Act will make their family's financial situation worse.  Almost half of those surveyed believe that it will make the nation's overall health care situation worse.


Meanwhile, in Hollywood, they just hate, hate, hate Obamacare.  It cuts into the bottom line which is what they worry about even more than global warming, nuclear proliferation and like ... those other things.

The administration has been in touch with the National Football League to see if it could gin up a little public support from athletes who never pay for any medical treatment from an aspirin to an MRI.  The NFL, which has plenty of public relations problems these days, has been wary, as Stephen Hayes reports here.

But like just about everything that comes out of Washington in these times, the thing has assumed a life of its own and momentum that seems irresistible.  

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