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Obama's Preview: 'It Will Be a Pretty Good Speech'

8:55 PM, Jul 22, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In remarks delivered this evening in Washington, D.C. to a group from Organizing For Action (the president's former campaign group), Barack Obama said that his speech later this week Galesburg, Illinois "will be a pretty good speech." Via the pool report:

Obama said he's going back to Galesburg, Ill., where he will talk about leaving behind distractions and phony politics and get back to basics. Will be the kickoff of many months of getting people and press to focus on economy.

"It will be a pretty good speech," he said, but he said he's given good speeches before and things have still gotten stuck.

Question is how to keep people involved, don't have $1 billion to campaign. How to create active thriving middle class.

Will need people to stay involved with immigration, climate change and Affordable Care Act. What you do day-to-day, away from TV cameras, will make the difference.

It's about citizenship. He said he has a little over 1,200 days left in office, will spend every waking moment thinking about ideas that will help.

The rest of the pool report reads:

Pelosi spoke for several minutes, citing a laundry list of issues including immigration, background checks for guns, climate change, pay equity, affordable child care, Affordable Care Act, and campaign finance.

The program is running behind schedule, with Pelosi concluding her remarks at 7:40. The crowd was told to wait a few minutes. Then OFA field rep William Townsend, of Black Forest, Colo., introduced the president to thunderous applause.

The crowd jumped to its feet as a smiling, waving president in suit and gray tie walked to podium.

POTUS said Michelle says hey, girls are at camp, and he's lonely at home. But Bo says hey.

POTUS thanked the group for being involved and not just leaving everything up to the professional politicians in Washington.

He said economy is improving, but too many neighbors and friends still hurting. Still have a ways to go before everyone is secure. Created 7.2 million jobs, but too many looking for work.

A continued sense of insecurity in America. Students are in college, but wondering how to pay their loans. People have not yet seen benefits of ACA.

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