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1:22 PM, Dec 3, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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In Politico, Trudy Lieberman delivers a careful, detailed analysis of how the media failed to see the approaching Obamacare storm:

Although the media spoke or wrote zillions of words about the ACA, relatively few explained in meaningful ways what the law was all about, who would be affected by it and how—in short, how would it affect peoples’ lives and why they should care. The media, for the most part, fell down on the job when it came to dissecting the promises made by supporters (for example, that people could keep their insurance and their doctors); who would pay for the subsidies; why essential benefits were important; and why there had to be an individual mandate with penalties for not buying insurance. And there’s no question most of us failed to dig into the most basic question of all: Would the darn thing work?

Lieberman is not sparing in her criticisms of the media and concludes, more or less, that the fault is in its preference for horse race coverage.  Winners and losers.  Pros and cons.  

She makes a persuasive case.  Still, one wonders if the explanation might be much more prosaic and that the coverage, or lack of it, followed from the simple fact that President Obama is their guy.

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