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Pathetic, cont.

12:40 PM, May 5, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The Obama administration continued today to make pathetic statements on Syria. Via the pool report, from aboard Air Force One:

Josh Earnest gaggled on the flight. For more detailed quotes, please see the transcript.

On Syria, he read a statement:

"We're horrified by the reports that more than 100 people were executed on May 2 …reportedly by regime forces… Those responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law, and serious violations and abuses of human rights law, must be held accountable. As Bashar al-Assad continues to cling to power, we will not lose sight of the men, women and children who are being killed by his regime."

Reiterated that Assad must leave power.

pHe had no comment on reports overnight on new developments on Israeli attacks on Syrian targets.

He reiterated that Mr.Obama believes Israel is justifiably concerned about the threat posed by Hezbollah obtaining advanced weapons systems, including missiles.

The U.S. "is in very close contact" with the Israeli government on a range of issues, although no specific details of the latest strikes.

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