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Planned Parenthood Still Opposes Florida Bill to Protect Infants Who Survive Attempted Abortions (Update: Planned Parenthood Withdraws Opposition to Bill)

11:42 AM, Apr 5, 2013 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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"Usually for the most part, no, but it does happen, where it’s still alive," the Planned Parenthood employee replied. "But it wouldn’t be able to survive on its own, so eventually the baby does die."

Update 3:35 p.m.: Planned Parenthood has issued a new statement saying, "We can withdraw our opposition" to the bill. Although Planned Parenthood lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow testified last week that Planned Parenthood objected to a number of provisions in the bill--including the requirement to transfer the child to a hospital and provide care--the organization now says that it is satisfied with an amendment dropping the provision to "surrender" the born-alive child to the state.

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