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Fox News Poll: 57 Percent Say Obamacare Implementation 'A Joke'

7:05 AM, Aug 9, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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A new poll from Fox News finds a majority of Americans--57 percent--say the implementation of Obamacare is a joke. Here's more:

A Fox News national poll released Thursday also asks voters about how they think Obamacare is being carried out: 31 percent say “it’s going fine,” yet a 57-percent majority feels “it’s a joke.”

Republicans are more than three times as likely to say it’s a joke (87 percent vs. 25 percent). Still, a quarter of Democrats agree.

Nine times as many Democrats as Republicans say implementation of Obamacare is going fine (63 percent vs. 7 percent). 

Overall, 63 percent of voters think the 2010 health care law needs to be changed and Congress should keep at it. That’s up from 58 percent who felt that way in July 2012. On the other hand, 31 percent say the law is the law and Congress should “move on” to other issues.

The poll finds that 65 percent of independents think Congress should keep working on the law, up from 53 percent last year. It’s noteworthy that 41 percent of Democrats now feel the law needs more work, up from 35 percent. 

The number of Republicans who thinks the law needs to be changed -- 84 percent -- held steady.

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