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'Pryor's Campaign is Flailing'

5:35 PM, Oct 16, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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On Tuesday evening, the reelection campaign for Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor emailed supporters about a recent "secret meeting" between Republican senator Ted Cruz and a group of House Republicans at a restaurant on Capitol Hill, Tortilla Coast. Pryor campaign manager Jeff Weaver suggested that the Democrat's Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, may have also attended the meeting.

"Last night, Sen. Ted Cruz led a closed-door meeting with several House members in the basement of a Washington restaurant. They were allegedly strategizing a way to thwart a bipartisan compromise to end the shutdown," Weaver wrote. "Rep. Tom Cotton happened to be at the same restaurant, but denies he attended the meeting."

Weaver went on to ask supporters to donate money to the Pryor campaign:

Whether he was there or not, one thing is clear: While Mark’s been working with a bipartisan coalition of senators to end this irresponsible government shutdown, Cotton has done quite the opposite.

Cotton’s been part of a small faction in the House of Representatives that has teamed up with Cruz to torpedo any bipartisan solution.

We can stop him by defeating him in this election. But if we’re going to have a fighting chance, we need your immediate help today to raise $15,000 online bymidnight tonight.

On Wednesday, the Cotton campaign fired back by forwarding the Pryor email to its list of supporters. Here's Cotton campaign manager Justin Brasell:

I wanted to be sure you saw the funny email below from Mark Pryor's campaign. It's been a rough week for Senator Pryor. First, new polling showed that only 34% of Arkansans approve of the job he's doing -- the same approval rating as Barack Obama. Then, Tom bested Senator Pryor in 3rd quarter fundraising, an embarrassing defeat for a lifelong politician. So it isn't surprising that Senator Pryor's campaign is flailing.

But the email below is pretty desperate. They attack Tom because he "happened to be at the same restaurant" where a meeting he didn't attend occurred, based on an inaccurate media report that has been corrected. Of course, they admit that they can't confirm or deny "whether he was there or not."

Here are some other things we hear Mark Pryor can neither confirm nor deny:

  • Tom didn't really fight in Iraq, but instead staged the whole thing in the same movie studio where they staged the moon landings
  • Tom is actually from the Dardanelles, the strait in Turkey, not Dardanelle on the Arkansas River
  • Tom's long-form birth certificate proves he was born in Indonesia, not in Russellville

Seriously, though, here are a few things we can confirm about Mark Pryor. He votes with Barack Obama 95% of the time. He cast the deciding vote for Obamacare. And he voted two weeks ago to keep his special Congressional subsidies that protect him from the consequences of Obamacare instead of keeping the government open.

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