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Pundits, Journalists, and Former Dem Governor Yuk it Up Over Obama's 'Sexist' Comment

12:17 PM, Apr 7, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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President Obama came under fire last week after praising the looks of California's female attorney general, Kamala Harris. She "happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country," Obama said of her. 

Some called the president's remarks "sexist."

On NBC's Meet the Press this morning, the pundits, and former Democratic governor Bill Richardson, weighed in:

Maggie Haberman, of Politico, said that Obama should have stopped short with his praise for Harris, and added, "Women candidates, women elected officials tend to be judged more based on appearance than not. Obama has these awkward moments. He does personally like her. They have--"

"A bit of a friendship," Gregory added.

"And Michelle Obama has also been part of that friendship," Andrea Mitchell added. "He also says these awkward things ... about men and nobody complains. He said that about his interior secretary. He said and look at that good-looking guy in the front row. We found the tape of him doing that friday."

Republican consultant Mike Murphy added, "I think he read a Biden speech by mistake," before calling the whole thing "political correct insanity."

Former Democratic governor Bill Richardson said, "You know, maybe I'm a neanderthal, but I thought that the president's comment was harmless."

On ABC, Arianna Huffington defended the president. "Everybody should relax. Lighten up. In our society it's unbelievable. George and I were talking about it. I mean, I wished there was more outrage about the jobs numbers than we had about Kamala Harris," she said, according to a rush transcript of the show.

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