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Jonah Goldberg on Obama's 'Towering Inferno'

10:23 AM, Jul 27, 2011 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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This classic Jonah Goldberg post needs no introduction. My favorite part:

Imagine you’re in a burning office building. Obama’s plan for getting out alive: “Okay, you guys break up into different groups and come up with a series of proposals about how we get out of the building. I will then negotiate with each of you separately and then together, and then separately. Then I’ll get on Skype and tell the world what I think of your respective plans and criticize you for their lack of seriousness. I will insist that we have balanced approach of applying both water to the fire and opening the windows, which some say will only provide more oxygen for the flames. But my base says window-opening is essential. Oh and I will blame all of the gasoline I threw around on the lower floors of this building on the guy who moved out two years ago. And I will veto any plan that requires we have a new plan should we get stuck on another floor. And, did I mention this mess was created by the former tenant and….ahhh what’s that smell?

Read the whole thing. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and then you'll be back to wondering why the House Republicans don't just say yes to victory by supporting the Boehner plan.

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