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Recovery? Says Who?

12:14 PM, Mar 12, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The big news in the Wall Street Journal poll as reported by Partrick O'Connor is that the president’s approval ratings are low.  Lower, in fact, than they have ever been.

The president is, however, just one politician in a job where they come and they go and where the polls go up and then go down. A far more troubling sign for the health of the republic is the poll’s finding that:

Sixty-five percent of those polled said the country is on the wrong track, compared with the 26% who said it was on the right one, a wider spread than in the midterm-election years of 2006 and 2010. Roughly one-quarter of the respondents think the economy will improve over the next year, while 57% believe the U.S. is still in a recession, despite years of modest economic growth and robust stock-market gains. 

A demoralized citizenry; growing even more demoralized. Meanwhile, the President flies to New York to raise campaign money and the Senate meets in all-night session to raise consciousness about global warming.

Don’t they realize that the economy is in the tank?

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