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Reid Pledges to Block Votes on Obamacare Repeal, Tax Cuts

12:25 PM, Jul 19, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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This morning on the Senate floor, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, pledged to block Republican efforts to vote on the repeal of Obamacare and tax cuts:

"The only amendments that I have seen are three in number that the republicans have suggested: to do away with the Affordable Care Act, to reestablish the Bush tax cuts, and then the Hatch tax measure," Reid said in response to a question from Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell about whether the majority leader would allow for any amendments to be voted on. "That, Mr. President, as has been the tradition here with republicans, has absolutely nothing to do with outsourcing, so unless the republicans get serious about legislating on the legislation we have, the answer would be very doubtful."

In a statement to THE WEEKLY STANDARD, McConnell pledges not to give up--and that the votes on Obamacare and tax cuts will be held. "The American people won’t stand for this," says McConnell. "These votes are going to happen whether it’s next week, the week after, in September, or after they’ve lost the Majority for failing to do their jobs."

"It’s pretty obvious now that he’s trying to run out the clock to protect Obama and other Dem senators from voting on this ahead of November," a senior Republican aide says. "It isn’t going to work."

The bill specifically being referred to by Senators McConnell and Reid is the Bring Jobs Home Act, a bill from Senator Debbie Stabenow that would give American companies a 20 percent tax credit for the costs related to bringing workers back to America from abroad.

Yesterday, Harry Reid indicated this sort of action was going to happen in remarks on the Senate floor. "We do what we can to protect the president of the United States," Reid said yesterday. Today's remarks indicate that Reid intends to follow through.

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