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Report: Security Concerns at U.S. Embassy in Belarus

10:25 AM, Nov 25, 2013 • By JERYL BIER
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However, the same five-person staff limitation imposed by the host country has caused concerns about visa referrals issued by the embassy:

Senior embassy officials have made inappropriate visa referrals. Host government limitations on American staff numbers in Minsk have forced most Belarusians to apply for visas outside Belarus. With referrals affording the only access to a Minsk interview for many visa applicants, the referral program is unusually vulnerable to misuse.

Other concerns are raised in the report as well, including one redacted in its entirety, as shown here:

The State Department, first under Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, instituted worldwide security reviews of diplomatic facilities after the Benghazi attack and in response to the subsequent report from the Accountability Review Board.  Although some advances have apparently taken place, this report on the Minsk embassy shows that security at foreign facilities is far from ideal. 

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