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Reporters In Tampa Working Hard to Cover Nonexistent Racism

5:00 PM, Aug 29, 2012 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Since we noticed yesterday that John Boehner said to a room full of reporters in Tampa that when it came to minority vote turnout this election, "I'd suggest to you they won't show up," lots of places have accused us of twisting the House Speaker's words. They're mainly upset with the word "hope" in our headline — "Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos 'Won't Show Up' This Election." Mediaite called the headline "misleading" while right-leaning Newsbusters called it "slander." But we think it's pretty clear what Boehner said: he hopes that Republicans will do well in the elections because he believes ("I suggest to you") minority voter turnout will be low ("they won't show up"). "Boehner Hopes for Republicans to Win This Election" would have been a more boring headline, but it would have been just as accurate.

Just as accurate? Huh? She goes on and on from there to the point where I actually start to feel bad for her. As for accurate and boring, the left-wing Talking Points Memo reported the same Boehner remarks and headlined their write-up, "John Boehner: The Economy Trumps All, Period, No Matter What, End Of Story." A bit slanted perhaps, but not divorced from reality.

Then again, as far as Reeve's concerned, her irrational obsession with race has blossomed into a full-blown vocational illness in recent days. Some other recent bylines include, "Romney's Birther Joke Explained in One Number: He Needs 61% of the White Vote" and "Race Takes Over the Race." Feel free to click on that last link for an unconvincing yet Zapruder-esque analysis of the racial imagery in Romney's ads critiquing the president for rolling back welfare-to-work requirements. Here's a taste of Reeve's expert commentary: "Obama would have blocked the reforms of Bill Clinton, who oh by the way is white. What's fascinating about this is even though the screen looks whiter, Obama's skin looks darker." Maybe I spoke to soon--Reeve's analysis is more Rorschach than Zapruder, as she sees racism wherever she looks.

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