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Republicans to Fight Dems' 'Slander' on Poverty: 'Your Policies Are Creating Poverty, Dependency, and Chronic Unemployment'

"Your policies have shut down factories, surged energy costs, and brought economic growth to a standstill."

10:51 AM, Feb 12, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The budget process, carried out in the open light of day, is an opportunity to provide the nation with a bold contrast. The Majority offers a bleak future where millions of Americans are left behind, unable to find steady work, and where faceless government gradually erodes the human bonds of family and community. This will be contrasted against a confident vision of growth and opportunity where the central bonds in our lives are not with the government but with each other.

Our policies are rooted in our firm belief free people thrive most when a minimum burden is placed upon them. By capturing that spirit, and by defending working Americans from the surging federal colossus, our ideas will carry the day.


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