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Bartlett Fights On

10:35 AM, Nov 1, 2012 • By KYLE HUWA
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Both campaigns have taken to the airwaves, but in a media market like Washington, D.C., that can be quite expensive. Delaney has raised over $3.5 million, over half of that through self-financing. Bartlett has raised just over $1 million for this cycle.

Bartlett has not gone without criticism. Some claim he hasn’t been visible or active enough on the campaign trail. Also, in early September, Bartlett compared the unconstitutionality of student loans to the path that led to the Holocaust. He since apologized for the comments. Cooper, who has made over 2,000 calls to voters in Montgomery County, mentioned that no one on the calls ever brought up the Holocaust comments.

On October 24, former congressman Gene Taylor, a Democrat, endorsed Bartlett. He stated, “Roscoe Bartlett is the type of leader that puts partisan labels aside and does what is best for the country and his district.” The congressman and his campaign hopes this kind of message, one of bipartisanship, can reach constituents both old and new.

Kyle Huwa is an intern at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

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