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Saudi Blues

12:06 PM, Jul 13, 2011 • By AMR BARGISI
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My wife sent me a link to this video. It's ironic: she, having spent a good chunk of her teenage years in Saudi Arabia, found it really funny; and I, who have never been and have no intention of going there, found it really sad. Of course, the "I want to get out, but can't" attitude rings true, but the situation in my native Egypt is hardly as difficult as it is for this Iranian rocker living in Saudi Arabia.

Here is a rough translation of the lyrics:

I am Alaa Wardi, I live in Saudi Arabia
I eat, drink, sleep, and spend my nights on Facebook
I am so nauseated (bored) that
I wrote this song
and 8 more songs like it 
then threw them down the trash bin

Oh Shabab (guys), save me
Oh Shabab, get me a visa
Oh Shabab, they cut my hair
and before I go crazy

For nine months, I have been in Riyadh
Haven't seen a girl, for a long time
I wanted to go to Canada
But couldn't get the Visa
He (the consulate guy) said: go to Iran, scum
I responded: F**** your sister

Oh Shabab (guys), save me
Oh Shabab, get me a visa
Oh Shabab, help! help!
and before I go crazy

Got the idea?

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