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Schumer Won't Bless 'Former Protege' Weiner's Second Coming

10:21 AM, Apr 14, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Chuck Schumer would not comment this morning on former congressman Anthony Weiner's political rehabilitation:

"Senator Schumer, before we go, need to ask you about somebody who -- some have called your former protege, Anthony Weiner," said the ABC host. "Obviously, he left Congress in disgrace, now is considering a run for mayor. I don't expect you to make endorsements for the mayor's race. But tell me: Does Anthony Weiner deserve a second chance?"

"Look, I'm not going to comment on that," said Schumer. "How did I know you'd ask that question, Jonathan?"

The ABC host responded, "You're not going to comment at all?"

"Nope," said Schumer.

"Not even whether he deserves a second chance?"

"No comment."

"No comment at all? That is rare. We have Senator Schumer with a 'no comment.' Thank you very much, senator. Appreciate that. Thank you for coming on This Week."

"Time and season for everything, Jonathan," said Schumer.

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