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Seniors Oppose Obamacare by 27 Points

1:29 PM, Feb 24, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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The Obama administration’s taxpayer-funded, pro-Obamacare TV ads directed toward seniors don’t seem to be working. The new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that, by a margin of 27 percentage points, seniors have an unfavorable, rather than a favorable, view of Obamacare. That’s the highest margin of opposition among seniors in the 11 Kaiser Health Tracking Polls that have been conducted since Obamacare’s passage.

Seniors Oppose Obamacare by 27 Points

Less than a third of all seniors (32 percent) now have a favorable view of Obamacare. The vast majority (59 percent) has an unfavorable view of it.  Perhaps that’s because Obamacare would be paid for (at least, that which would actually be paid for) largely by treating Medicare like a piggy bank.  

  The Kaiser poll also shows that a plurality of people think that the following groups or entities would be "worse off” under Obamacare: seniors, Medicare, the economy, the middle class, and the country as a whole.  The only group that respondents think would be better off is the poor. Thankfully, there are sensible ways to help the poor that don’t require consolidating such massive levels of power and money in Washington. 

Lastly, President Obama has rather wishfully maintained, in the wake of an election that sent pro-Obamacare Democrats home in droves, and replaced them with pro-repeal Republicans, that the citizenry somehow doesn’t want to “re-litigate” the health care issue. The Kaiser poll, however, says otherwise: Despite the fact that the House passed a bill to repeal Obamacare and another that would begin to defund it, respondents think that Congress is nevertheless paying “too little attention to the health care reform law passed last year” (39 percent), rather than “too much” (28 percent). Perhaps they’re ready to see the Republican alternative.

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