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Sky Still Not Falling

8:48 AM, Aug 14, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The effects of the sequester would be dire.  Or so we were told.  The massive furloughing of bureaucrats across all agencies and departments would result in cutbacks, or even elimination, of essential services.  The bonds on civilization would be strained.

Civilization, the nation, and even the government seemed to have survived.  And the dreaded furloughs?  As Eric Katz at Government Executive writes:

While many federal agencies have in fact moved forward with furloughs, and there remain countless examples of sequestration interfering with government operations, most major departments have reduced furlough days, or eliminated them altogether.

The sequester was (is) a ham-handed way to do business (this is Washington) and the effects will be damaging, especially to the military.  But predictions of government doom appear to have been much exaggerated, making it that much easier to resort to a blunt policy instrument the next time.

The sequester has, however, demonstrated that it is possible to shrink the government without starving any citizens.

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