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8:38 AM, Jul 23, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The president, as Justin Sink of The Hill writes, will be giving some speeches in which he intends: grab credit for an improving economy.

It will be a challenge, one thinks, but count on some facile cherry picking to prove that:

a) The economy is, indeed, improving.

b) And the president did it.

Not much, then, about part-time employment, long-term unemployment, and the fact that U.S. households have not yet recovered half the wealth lost in the great recession.  It could be that the president is responsible for none of this.  But, then, does he get credit for the booming stock market and the recovery in housing?

The White House, of course, will be the decider on that question.  And, as Jay Carney said in his briefing on Monday:

“We have to keep focused on these issues, even as we all are buffeted about by, you know, the variety of things that confront us … fake scandals or things like that.” 


The scandals or the recovery?

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