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Sweet Sixteen

6:33 AM, Jul 23, 2013 • By THE SCRAPBOOK
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It’s hard to believe that National Affairs, the successor quarterly to the Public Interest, is already on its sixteenth issue. But that issue just arrived on The Scrapbook’s desk, and we see that editor Yuval Levin has put out another smorgasbord of must-read articles. We particularly enjoyed Jeffrey H. Anderson and Jay Cost teaming up to lay out a revised presidential nominating process for the GOP, one that is truer to Republican principles and would probably produce a better nominee. The Scrapbook recommends you send the piece to all the GOP bigwigs you know.


But that’s not all! Think conservatives need a governing reform agenda? Read Andrew Biggs on Social Security reform, Eli Lehrer on prison reform, and James Pethokoukis on banking reform, for a start. And there’s more. So go to, read, learn, and​—​as a sweet sixteen present to the journal​—​subscribe.

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