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11:17 AM, Nov 13, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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They sure know how to pick 'em at the U.N.  

As the AP reports:

The General Assembly elected 14 new members to the 47-seat Geneva-based council, which can shine a spotlight on rights abuses by adopting resolutions — when it chooses to do so. It also has dozens of special monitors watching problem countries and major issues ranging from executions to drone strikes.

A good thing, certainly, except that included among the 14 were China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cuba and Algeria. And one does not have to be a close student of international affairs, or the United Nations, to know that those countries are to human rights what Angelo Mozilo is to truth in lending.  

In fact, as Human Rights Watch has noted, those five:

… new council members … have refused to let U.N. investigators visit to check alleged abuses. China, Russia and Algeria have 10 or more unfulfilled requests for visits by U.N. experts, some dating back to 2000, the group said. Saudi Arabia and Vietnam each have seven outstanding requests …

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