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Toasting Repeal

10:22 AM, Dec 5, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Pessimists who believe that once a large piece of governmental malpractice is in place, it is there forever and immoveable, should to pay attention to this day and, perhaps, celebrate with a cocktail.

It was on December 5th 1933 that Prohibition was repealed. Government, at all levels, still had a lot to say about your drinking – and it wasn’t shy about taxing alcohol – but at least the absolutist prohibition had been recognized as folly. People were going to drink and they found ways to make it interesting. It’s in the DNA … or something.

So to celebrate, Sara Bonisteel at Epicurious, headlines "Five Prohibition-Era Cocktails For Repeal Day" and notes, helpfully that:

These cocktails are simple and sweet, relying on syrups to hide imperfections in the bathtub gin. Made with modern hooch, these drinks go down nice and easy.

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