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Trust Us, We’re From the Union

4:09 PM, Jun 3, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The problems at the VA cannot be laid at the feet of the unions that represent its workers.  A leader of one of those unions says so.  This astonishing news is reported by Charles S. Clark at Government Executive, who writes that:

J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said in an email, “Federal unions are not the reason why the Department of Veterans Affairs is facing a crisis over providing healthcare to our nation’s war heroes.”

In fact, the union employees are the real heroes of the piece, according Cox:

we wouldn’t even know these problems existed if it wasn’t for frontline employees and their union representatives stepping forward to blow the whistle -- and facing serious intimidation and retaliation as a result,” 

Furthermore, what:

… critics of labor unions fail to realize, or refuse to acknowledge ...“is that we fight not just for our employees but for the wellbeing of the men and women they serve. AFGE unionized employees have been speaking out for years about the management and performance failings that have only now entered the public’s consciousness.”

Speaking out for years? Not very loudly, it seems.

Also, what will Mr. Cox and his union do if a new leader of the VA were to arrive in town and start firing some of his people? 

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