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Two Killed In Cairo After Night of Protests

7:00 PM, Apr 9, 2011 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The Washington Post reports that Egyptian military forces broke up protests early this morning in Cairo's Tahrir Square. At least two civilians were killed and another 15 were seriously wounded. The protests followed a day of peaceful demonstrations, which continued after the 2 a.m. curfew and into the early morning:

As armored cars and troops swept in shortly after 3 a.m., the protesters, most of whom were young, initially tried to form a human chain to protect the rebellious soldiers in their camp. They scattered when the troops began firing their weapons into the air.

Several eyewitnesses said the rebellious soldiers were taken away.

The Reuters news service, citing hospital sources, said two people had been killed and 15 others injured by gunfire. Witnesses said an unknown number of people had been shot near a mosque where protesters sought refuge, but their accounts could not be immediately confirmed.

As daylight returned to Tahrir Square, smoke billowed from three burning military vehicles, included troop carriers, while a tense standoff prevailed between soldiers and demonstrators in the streets surrounding the Square. Broken glass littered the square.

Meanwhile, protests were met with violence in Syria today as well.

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