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We’re Shocked, Shocked to Find Gambling Was Going on at the Debate

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Who knew? Here we were aboard the cruise ship, engaging in a little late night gambling—winning a hundred bucks at craps, losing sixty at blackjack—and reassuring ourselves that what happens on the Nieuw Amsterdam stays on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Who knew that big-time gambling was going on at the GOP debate in Iowa—on national TV and in prime time, while children were watching, no less? Ten thousand bucks! That Mitt Romney doesn’t fool around. They’ll set aside one of those separate high stakes rooms for him on the ship next time he comes aboard.

Gambling chips

Speaking of which, The Scrapbook can report the ship has docked at Fort Lauderdale, and TWS staffers and cruisers are saying so long and hustling to flights. And the common reaction of our cruisers milling around at the security gate seems to be: why did Mitt’s campaign want his memorable line of the debate to be one that both highlights his wealth and focuses attention on Romneycare?

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