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Wild in the Streets

12:11 PM, Jul 7, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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The dismaying violence in the streets of Cairo leads ones thoughts to another city, where the mayhem is scheduled and traditional and sublimely pointless. As the AP reports:

4 hurt, none gored, in 1st Pamplona bull run

Sending one to the pages of The Sun Also Rises:

Every morning during the bull fighting festival of San Fermin at Pamplona the bulls that are to fight in the afternoon are released from their corrals at six o'clock in the morning and race through the main street of the town for a mile and a half to the pen.  The men who run ahead of them do it for the fun of the thing.  It has been going on each year since a couple of hundred years before Columbus had his historic interview with Queen Isabella in the camp outside Grenada. 

There are two things in favor of there being no accidents.  First, that the fighting bulls are not aroused and vicious when they are together.  Second, that the steers are relied upon to keep them moving.

Sometimes things go wrong ...

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