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'Zionism Derangement Syndrome'

7:07 PM, Aug 25, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Elliot Jager, writing at Jewish Ideas Daily, puts a name to an age old trend: "Zionism Derangement Syndrome." This time, however, the trend is taking hold among the left in Israel, particularly academics. Here's Jager:

A smoldering resentment, bordering on political paranoia, is palpable in sectors of Israel's Left these days. Everywhere, it seems, powerful enemies are conspiring to undermine the centers of cultural influence that leftists have long regarded as their own property, and as beyond criticism. Their response bears a resemblance to the left-wing American phenomenon that the columnist Charles Krauthammer memorably labeled "Bush Derangement Syndrome."


 Israel's Left is beginning to fear that its uncontested hold over major centers of the country's elite culture may be as vulnerable as its hold over political power has proved to be. One thing to watch will be the behavior of the remaining Zionists on the Left, and in particular whether, like Haaretz, they will wish to continue providing intellectual cover for a cadre of overtly anti-Zionist radicals. Another is the behavior of Diaspora donors, and in particular how much they really care that Israeli universities have been nurturing a political culture inhospitable to the Zionist enterprise.

As for those now challenging the Left's hegemony in academia and elsewhere, their own challenge will be how best to resurrect the Zionist ethos whose destruction they have accurately diagnosed and faithfully reported.

Read it here.

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