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Required Reading 06/25/2008

2:20 PM, Jun 25, 2008 • By RICHARD STARR
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From Pajamas Media: Supreme Court Flexes Its Muscles in Boumediene, by Kenneth Anderson.

From the Rocky Mountain News: Nader: Obama 'Talking White', by M.E. Sprengelmeyer.

From the Chicago Sun Times: Obama Hollywood fund-raiser. Pool reports, HT: Lynn Sweet. (The hors d'oeuvres: "endive spears of brie, toasted almonds and truffle oil; tuna tartare with passion fruit ponzu and macadamia nut on wonton crisp; beef short rib skewers with Asian flavors.")

From the New Republic: Mao Crazy, by Jed Perl. (A taste: "I have studied the catalogue of this collection, The Revolution Continues: New Art from China, and I am pretty confident that it is the most hateful art book published in my lifetime.)

From Just One Minute: Do NOT Mock Obama!, by Tom Maguire.

Ania Egland responds to ad attacking McCain.