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Tina Brown and the Female Nature of Hillary Clinton

3:07 PM, Oct 16, 2009 • By RACHEL ABRAMS
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'Twas bitter cold/And Tina was sick at heart, to paraphrase the Bard. "All over the country," she caviled in Newsweek last year from Hillary Clinton's campaign trail,

there are vigorous, independent, self-liberated boomer women . . . who possess all the management skills that come from raising families while holding down demanding jobs, women who have experience, enterprise and, among the empty nesters, a little financial independence, yet still find themselves steadfastly dissed and ignored. Advertisers don't want them. TV networks dump their older anchorwomen off the air. Hollywood studios refuse to write parts for them. Employers make it clear they'd prefer a "fresh (cheaper) face."

(By "TV networks" can we doubt she means CNBC, the one that canned her?)

So for this relief, she might say, much thanks: Mrs. Clinton, the woman whose presidency shoulda-coulda-woulda put paid to the "relentless youth culture of the early 21st century," in which "if you are 50 and female, the novel that's being written on your forehead every day is ‘Invisible Woman,'" seems at last to have found her liberation (and apparently Tina's along with it) as secretary of state.

As Miss Brown has now come to see it, Mrs. C's deliverance arises not from her having been rendered irrelevant, as some very mean people have been suggesting, but rather from her "deep lack of insecurity," and, more important, from the happy, if accidental, imperatives of her anatomy:

Locked in the Situation Room with alpha dogs all day and going home to the biggest alpha dog of all at night (on the rare occasions the two are in the same hemisphere), it's as if she has learned how to circumnavigate that tiresome phallic competition and acknowledged what's different-and valuable-about her own female nature.

I'll wager that alpha-dogness in the Situation Room is something Mrs. Clinton is not experiencing on a regular basis; she's certainly not locked up with it all day, or even every day, as, when she is permitted to land on U.S. soil, it's to the State Department she toddles off, not the White House. But never mind, we get the picture: Testosterone=bad; menopause=good.

As for the alpha dogness of Mr. Hillary Clinton, well, that's something I think I'll leave to the female nature of Miss Brown's imaginings.