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To the Democrats Living Outside History

9:38 AM, Dec 30, 2009 • By MICHAEL GOLDFARB
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The White House/DNC pushback against the mounting criticism of Obama's handling of the al Qaeda Christmas attack focuses on Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, and of course Bush, and how Bush got it easier than Obama and how come Bush didn't get raked over the coals for this, etc. etc. etc. Last night Keep America Safe board member Debra Burlingame sent an email to a few people putting that comparison in context. I asked her if we could publish her note and she kindly agreed. Here it is -- and note the picture at right was one of several she sent in the original...

On the comparison between Bush/ShoeBomber and Obama/UnderwearBomber:

Back then, everyone was on the same page....we all knew what had happened...we all knew we were at war...we had moral clarity...

Imagine, on December 22, 2001, when Richard Reid tried to bring down that plane, the attorney general emerging to call this an "isolated incident" of "extremism"....

Everyone KNEW that this was part of the same Al Qaeda design.

In fact, I remember one of the flight attendants who jumped on Reid saying she was only able to do what she did because of those who went before her...her ability to see and stop the attack was because of the experience of her dead colleagues.

No one called Reid, the "alleged bomber." No one said, wait, we can't jump to conclusions or comment because of a "pending criminal investigation."

When Reid tried to bring down that plane, ground zero was still smoldering. We buried my brother ten days earlier, on Dec. 12th. And we were one of the lucky families who received something to bury. The wound was still raw as can be.

To compare Richard Reid, three months after 9/11, to Abulmatallub, eight years after 9 /11, is to live outside history.